Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How was our Halloween/Reformation Day?

Short answer, "Best Ever!" The kids really cleaned up on candy this year. We made four different stops along the way. Our trick or treating started out at Hermitage Health Center. The staff and residents at Hermitage were so gracious to share with the kids of our community. In addition, Adalynn got to see her buddy Mrs. Elliot. Next stop was to see Mrs. Ireland Johnson at Ivy Hall everyone had a great visit! First Baptist Church of Elizabethton’s Treat Street was fun for all ages, with their medieval theme.  

Back to the house to hit some homes on Mayfield Drive, but the grand finally was Kids Harvest at Grace Baptist Church.  The kids then were taken ba I think that two things made the event this year:

1. The Gospel presented clearly via the cross puzzles pieces!

2. The Prayer Wall

Special thanks to Charity Bell and Carol White for their hard work to make Kids Harvest a great success this year! Kids Harvest had at least 430 plus folks come out for the event. I think that it was more like 500 plus due to the fact that some went to the event backwards and missed the registration table.

I worked the prayer wall, and special thanks to Rick Cates and Michael Tierney who put it together. Over 30 prayer requests were collected that night and I prayed with at least three families. I still believe that prayer is a touch point for sharing the gospel! Three things most Americans still believe in are: momma’s love, apple pie, and prayer. Prayer is a means to both show concern and keep the conversation spiritual in nature. I look forward to next year.

Thanks Mamaw Debbie for helping us stay on track and get the most candy in the short amount of walking!!!

I didn't know that Mrs. Jean and Penny Heaton knew batman!

 Adalynn with her buddy Mrs. Elliot!

 Mrs. Irland at 91 years young, we had a great visit wit her!

This wall is now on display in the Fellowship Hall at Grace Baptist Church!  Praise God for the opportunities this wall created on October 31!   It will be something we will use for years to come!  

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