Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why makes a movie like Avengers: Endgame a good film?

Over the weekend I saw the last installment of Avengers Endgame broke the box-office raking in 1.2 billion dollar on its opening weekend. If you have not seen it nor the movie before, stop here spoiler alert! While there were a couple of scenes, I didn’t care for, the counseling scene with captain America affirming the man dating other men and the feminism push with Captain Marvel and the other “super girls.” I didn’t care for these scenes, because I feel they push agendas and add no value to the overall storyline. I did appreciate that these were rather short. Anyway, let me now shift to what I did like.

The movie was emotionally riveting, and the parts of the story that made it really good were the borrowed themes from biblical narrative either intentionally or not. Let me show you what I mean.

  • Dr. Strange is a profit. The profits in the OT times foretold of God’s plan. His plan to save man from their sins. God knew there was only one way to save humanity, and so did Dr. Strange. He looks into all possible futures and sees only one option. He tells Tony there was only one way and we are in the end game now.

  • The theme of self-sacrifice we see this from the character black widow. The Bible makes it very clear that the way of salvation calls for self-sacrifice. See Matthew 10:39.
  • The brokenness of Thor's effort falling short. Thor didn't take out Thanos in the Infinity Wars, he went for the chest instead of the head and paid the price for it. In a similar, we all get to the point of brokenness where realize we are not enough on our own works and deeds. How we react to it is key, we can either become like Thor: Drink, become fat, and play video games. Or we can embrace Christ in our brokenness. 
  • Tony Stark is a Christ-like figure. Going from the most selfish avenger to the one who performs the most selfless act. He knew that snapping his fingers would rid the universe of all time from Thanos and his evil. Remember Thanos was going to dust all of the universe and make it over the way he wanted it. A “grateful” universe who would see him as God-like.
  • Thanos is Satan. His real intention comes through in the final showdown at the end. He was going to tear the universe apart and rebuild it into a “grateful” one that worshipped him like a God. Sound like anyone else you know?
  • Nebula plays the part of Judas and illustrates a biblical theme of "the old man vs. the new man." Even though it was really herself from years It remains, she betrays the mission to save those who are dusted. The good news is she faces her former self, shows she has been transformed and dispatches her old self. While a bit more dramatic, it is clear that her "old" self is put to death a new self remains. This illustrates the biblical concept of the "old man" vs. the "new man" in Romans 6:4-6. Before she was a slave to Thanos and his bidding, but now she is free.


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