Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If Seeing is Believing, How Can You Believe in an Invisible God?

be ready in season and out of season…” -2 Timothy 4:2

With the growing number of nones, no religious affiliation, the existence of God is being questioned heavily today. A believer must be able to demonstrate that believing in God is reasonable, consistent with reason, and is actually more rational than the alternative of believing in his nonexistence. Here are five reasons why it is reasonable to believe in God:

·      Anthropic Arguments: Things about ourselves—conscience, capacity for good and evil, yearning for eternity, religious experiences—are best explained by the existence of God. How does one explain the universal morals and laws found in every culture?
·      Immaterialism Argument: The existence of love, beauty demonstrate that we do not live in a materialistic universe. What value is love and beauty in an evolutionary materialistic universe?
·      Creation and Design Argument: Creation by an Intelligent Designer is more intellectually plausible than creation by random chance. Where did all matter and life come from and why is it here? (Romans 1:20)
·      Probability Argument: Every day we exercise faith, and I think it’s reasonable to have faith in the supernatural. What does it mean to have faith? It means to exercise the tools of faith: reason or science, intuition, and our experiences.
·      Transcendental Argument- Knowledge, logic, and science, etc., are only possible because God’s existence is a precondition for all thinking and knowledge.

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