Monday, May 9, 2016

Movie Review: God's Not Dead 2

Warning: Spoiler Alert! I will be talking about parts of the movie. 

I had a very low expectation for this film. The reason for my low expectation was two reasons:

1. As a general rule for movies, sequels are usually not that great compared to the original, and

2. “Christian films” don't tend to have the best acting or plots.

God’s Not Dead 2 was a pleasant surprise. The film picks up on a new main character, a teacher in a local high school. It appears a gag order has been placed on all teachers in regard to sharing of religious beliefs. The teacher goes on to answer a question about Jesus in class, which leads to discipline by the school board, which leads to the conflict of the movie. In my opinion, an excellent lead for the movie. Inspired by Real Court Cases, this film captures the first wave of attack on religious freedom, those serving in the public square as civil servants. Here is what I really like about the film, I liked the real struggle the characters face, the expert witnesses in court, and the uncertainty of what will happen up until the end.

It is easy to be drawn into the emotional turmoil of the main character as she struggles to do what will honor God. The overall message of the film is an excellent encouragement to Christians everywhere. Stand strong and courageous in the face of persecution, even if it means losing everything. This film is worth your time. It was better than the first one, in my opinion. I give it a seven on a scale of one to ten.

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