Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review: Strangers Next Door - Immigration, Migration, and Mission

Dr. Payne has delivered and eye-opening look at the issue of international immigration, the shifting of the church to the majority world though successful mission work overseas, and how that effects mission at home now.  The United States receives the most international immigrates each year by far!  With the United States receiving 20% of the international immigration each year, this book points out the need to be intentional in meeting migrant people who have moved in down the street.  They may look different, sound different, and even think different than many of our churches do, but the reality is we have a charges to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel all while never leaving the United States.

We sometimes forget that William Carry, the father of modern missions, and the missionaries that followed him God blessed and gave their faithfulness some success.  We have now reached a point where countries like China and Africa are sending missionaries out all over the world!

The real life stories of reaching Nepal via Baltimore, with Nepal considered among the world’s least reach peoples and they are living in Baltimore, Maryland.  We need a vision to see migration and the Great Commission and this book sheds light on this subject. The issues covered in this book blurs the line between domestic and international missions.

Strengths of the book:

The author shines a light on the reality of international immigrants in our neighborhoods and their need for the gospel.

And then being able to reach a part of the world that international immigrants are still maintaining connation with.

We have a HUGE opportunity to reach the international students who are most likely from a country with a high number of unreached people groups!

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