Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Excitement Builds as Common Ground Worship Service Launch Approaches!

 Excitement continues to build this week as we prepare for the Common Ground Worship Service Launch Day on August 21. Launch a new ministry in August just as school starts back is an excellent time to begin a new ministry. The Sunday Morning Worship time exists as a front door to the church. Often a Sunday Morning worship service may be an individual’s first contact with a church.

As families begin to fall back into rhythm, what an excellent time to become part of our church family. We are seeking To Glorify God and targeting to reach unchurched families in a 2-mile radius who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. All are welcomed to join us!

In his book Surprising In sights from the Unchurched, Thom Rainer defines the unchurched as those who do not attend church at all. The unchurched may be dechurched, individuals who once attended church then stopped, or a person who is a second generation unchurched. In this book he looks as the formally unchurched, and amazingly the unchurched looked carefully at the doctrinal issues before they become Christians, and they were attracted to a church that held strong convictions about biblical matters. We are beginning this ministry with a faithful heritage to the gospel and doctrine. Our church has a rich heritage of Biblically faithful preachers and teachers.

The Common Ground Worship service will be praise band orientated and Gospel-centered. There are several ways that you can help in preparing for this service: Pray for us as we prepare, pray for those the service will reach, volunteer to help in the praise band, or in other needed areas of the service.  We are hoping to see a 10% increases in both services across the board in baptisms, attendance, ministries, and financial resources. Most importantly, we aim to see lives touched and transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for those who are far from God that God will use this Worship Service to draw them to Himself.

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