Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Common Ground Launch a Success!

    I am glad to report that after months of preparation, the launch of Common Ground was a success. It was a success on three levels regarding attendance, decisions, and new faces. The chart below shows the attendance from the preview service until August 28, 2016. The green line indicates the attendance of Common Ground; the Blue line is our 10:30 am worship service, and the yellow line shows the total between the two. The largest attended service for Common Ground was the launch. I thought we would have between 35 and 45 attendees, but we were blessed with 61 in attendance. The total capacity for the Oasis in this services is currently 87 worshipers, meaning that we saw the Oasis over 60% full on launch day! In addition, we have seen three decisions made over the course of the last month one for baptism and two for being apart of our church family.

    Also, we have seen many new faces since the launch of Common Ground. I would estimate at least twelve guests were visiting with us on launch day! This is incredible because the overall visitor flow of our church has increased, meeting one of our goals in laughing the new service. More visitors means more visitor retention, which in turn means more members become part of our church family! To say that in short, Common Ground is working in reaching new people. Our goal in beginning this was to widen our nets to reach more for the Glory of God! I am very excited for what the future holds at Grace Baptist Church.

Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that efficiently reach more people:

  1. Pray- Pray for Great Commission Fulfillment at our Church. Pray that we will have God’s heart for the people in our area!
  2. Carpool- Our parking can get a little tight at times. In fact, we need to free up about 30 more parking spots on campus. Will you give up your parking spot for a Great Commission fulfillment?
  3. Invite your friends and family- Now with two options to encourage them towards, what prevents you from asking your unchurched family and friends to Grace Baptist!

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