Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is Bigfoot Real?

Recently, I was witnessing to a young man who was full of questions.   The questions mostly centered on the pop culture obsession with the paranormal.  One question he had was on the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  While Bigfoot does make for interesting television shows, how would Christians think about these creatures?  Many document eyewitness accounts exist for Bigfoot.  These eyewitness accounts come from creditable individuals and even skeptics.  While many claim to have had an encounter or seen the beast, no body or genetic proof of the beast exists.  Without the smoking gun, some Bigfoot researchers have concluded that they could be inter-dimensional beings or aliens.  I would argue that Bigfoot may be a demonic deception to distract the people from the truth of the Gospel. 

In the documentary film “Sasquatchand Us,” one former skeptic gives an account of searching for big foot all night.  He drove well over 100 miles into the woods in the Pacific Northwest, and he knocked a stick against a tree three times all night.  The hope was that an answer would come in the form of three knocks.  After a whole night of failed investigation, he drove back to his home.  When he arrived, he heard in the woods surrounding his home three knocks.  He said that he knows something was “toying” with him at that point.  In another encounter, a woman shot a Bigfoot.  When the Bigfoot was hit it simple vanished like a hologram. Other witnesses in the film discuss how sightings of Bigfoot follow family bloodlines.  So if grandpa saw one, you have a much better chance of having an “encounter.”  Many who see Bigfoot also see UFO’s.

Think about it, think of all the financial resources, time, and energy that has gone into finding these beings.  All the resources and discussion going into finding Bigfoot is not being used to spread the gospel.  Even the “The Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film” from 1967 praised as one of the greatest proof of Bigfoot’s existence is shrouded in controversy.  But the film is claimed to be a hoax by many, including one man from North Carolina who claims to have sold Patterson the ape suit. The lack of genetic proof coupled with the controversy over the “existing” evidence supports the fact that Bigfoot is really just a distraction from the truth of the gospel.  Our American culture’s obsession with the paranormal seems to be on the rise as the Church loses her voice in the public square. 

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