Saturday, March 7, 2015

Battery Saturday Report

Today was a great day at Grace Baptist Church.  Our Church family stopped by 147 homes around our church campus.  Of the 147 homes, we make 62 contacts, prayed with 2 homes, and had 16 prayer requests.

In addition to the contacts and requests, we installed about 42 fire alarms in 20 homes.  Special thanks to Danny Birkner, Fire Marshall Jack Buckles, and all the volunteers of Grace Baptist Church (Greeters, Drivers, Installers, and the Kitchen Crew).  

Six teams of three greeted our neighbors' homes and four teams of two people installed smoke alarms.

Quick Review of the day:

  • 147 homes received packets!
  • 62 homes had a personal contact!
  • 2 homes were prayed with by a Greeter Team!
  • 16 homes gave our church prayer requests!
  • 42 fire alarms were installed in 20 homes!
We showed Christ love by meeting a physical need and spiritual need today.  As I told one homeowner who asked why were doing this, "We don't want anybody to burn here or in eternity!" 

Notice:  Fire alarms are still available for free!  If you or someone you know in Elizabethton who would like a free alarm installed, call either the Elizabethton Fire Department @  (423) 542-5421 or the Church Office at 423-542-5551 to set up an installation appointment.

Have a blessed day!

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